Monday, November 1, 2010

"Scream Queens Illustrated" DVD (director: John Russo)

Anyone who knows us here at Goatsden HQ knows that we aren't big fans of workout or fitness videos. We ARE, however, definitely interested in sleaze and trash cinema, which this one seems to qualify as. I mean, there really aren't many redeeming qualities on this one!
I can't begin to guess who the target market for this one is/was, but it's definitely a freaky, odd, and tacky set. A compilation of two different 1992 VHS titles, "Scream Queens Illustrated" features "Scream Queen Swimsuit Sensations", and "Knockout Workout", and both titles using the same footage, re-edited and re-arranged.

Included are 3 starlets, all veterans of Playboy videos and low-budget B-movies, but mostly forgotten today. Melissa Moore (cute Kentuckian who is now a horse trainer), Jasae (chick wrestler/boxer with a frightful stair-stepper routine), and Veronica Carothers (who is the hammiest and most dramatic) are examined with brief biographical interview bits, as well as included in some rather tame fitness routines, often with their particular body parts being zoomed-in on. As workout videos, these fail. As treats for pervs and fanboys, they rock. A silly and initially entertaining selection that gets old really fast. (SRS Cinemavia MVD Visual)

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