Wednesday, October 20, 2010

John F. Kennedy Jr. - "Final 24: His Final Hours" DVD

The nearest to royalty that America has likely ever had, JFK Jr. was besieged by the tragic assassinations of both his father and uncle. And though in some ways, he led a charmed life, JFK Jr. was always thrust in the spotlight (whether he wanted to be or not) and the pressure to live up to his family's expectations had to be an extraordinarily heavy burden for anyone. His unplanned exit from this world can be seen as yet another evidence of the supposed "Kennedy curse", or can it?

This 60-minute documentary details the events leading up to the fateful night in 1999 when John (and his wife and sister-in-law) all went down with the small plane he was piloting near Martha's Vineyard. Bits of basic biographical info, photos, film footage, and interviews with colleagues and associates all congeal with believable dramatic recreations to form a palatable and educational look at the man's life. And though obviously focused on Kennedy's premature death (witness the title of this morbid but fascinating series), this one's a well-done and concise look at the short life of an American enigma. (MVD Visual)

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Anonymous said...

this doc is so wrong on the facts
and is mostly based on speculation

research jfk jrs death

they didnt look for his crashed plane until the following morning long after his flight was scheduled to land....