Friday, October 8, 2010

"Assault Of The Sasquatch" DVD (director: Andrew Gernhard)

This Chiller TV network movie fares much better than I'd expected, though seldom does it rise above mediocre. The film begins with some deep-woods bear poachers who unexpectedly capture a rare Bigfoot, and, being mercenaries, it's soon arranged that they are to sell the creature to a rich rare animal collector. But before their deal transpires, they are arrested and incarcerated. And the Sasquatch escapes, running loose in the big city. Needless to say, some bloody deaths result. A small-time police force, with some peripheral characters, are only marginally interesting. The acting and script is competent, but again, rarely more than that. Some bloody special effects are well-done, and there are hints of breastage, but it's done tastefully, for the most part.

The cheese factor ratchets itself up a few notches when the sexy police secretary (and former stripper, go figure!) is forced to show off her knife/switchblade and kickboxing skills against the monster. This is precisely where I lost interest, and with another 30 minutes to go, that was the kiss of death.

On the other hand, I did enjoy how the legend of Sasquatch was well-researched, and the writers played up the survivalist tactics and ancient wisdom of this cryptozoological beast, based on recorded sightings and tales. As it stands, "Assault Of The Sasquatch" isn't an altogether terrible film, but would've fared better as a shorter film with better editing. Frankly, if this were on TV, I'd have to change the channel. (Synthetic Cinema via MVD Visual)

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Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization site (fascinating, and the real thing)

Here's a trailer, for some reason titled "Sasquatch Assault"...

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