Saturday, September 25, 2010

Neurosis - "Live At Roadburn 2007" CD

A Neurosis gig must be an exhausting experience for the band (as well as audience). Witness this superlative and potent recording of a massive Neurosis live experience from 2007. "Roadburn" amply exhibits both the raw, grueling heaviness and subtle moodiness of this veteran post-punk/noise/metal/psychedelic group as well as any studio recording has, before or since.

The band kicks things off with the 9-minute scalding of "Given To The Rising", which alternates between ambient interludes and monolithic stabs of swollen ferocity. "A Season In The Sky" begins with gently dark acoustic guitars, but soon builds to a huge swell of doomy grind with the fearsome, full-throttle vocals of Steve Von Till. "At The End Of The Road" is an atmospheric beast with creepy electronic effects that are more aligned with industrial music than metal or rock. Again, it all comes down in a hail of Neurosis' now-influential post-SWANS grind and lurch. This is a potent, all-consuming sound that transcends genre.

"The Doorway" closes it out with a maelstrom of noise, electronic effects, and tribal drums that demonstrate the awesome physicality and spiritual power of this band. And at 77 minutes, this is as near to an essential Neurosis document as I've yet to hear. (Neurot Recordings)

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