Friday, September 10, 2010

"I Think We're Alone Now" (director: Sean Donnelly) DVD

For better or worse, I am like most others in that I am prone to judging people. It's easy and convenient for us to label and use prejudice towards others when we see or hear of their differences or qualities we see as somehow "beneath" us or "wrong". This documentary is a sensitive and telling account of a pair of very different individuals who have been labeled by society as "stalkers", and despite their differences, are labeled as marginals of society, and thus have encountered much adversity in their own respective personal journeys.

What do Jeff Turner and Kelly McCorrmick have in common? They are both confessed super-fans, to the point of obsession, of 80's teen-pop star Tiffany. Through restraining orders and unfulfilled passions, Turner (a charismatic 53-year old with Asperger's syndrome) remains convinced Tiffany is a Christ-like figure who he must get closer to. McCormick is an intersex (hermaphroditic) person who believes Tiffany and him/her are destined to be together. Sure, both people are clearly slightly out of touch with consensus consciousness, but, through the wonder of first-tiime director Donnelly's lens, we see both as individuals, frailties obvious but with unexpected (and even perhaps admirable) strengths as well.

Sure, labeling these people as "crazy" is convenient, but seeing them as real humans is also easy, thanks to "I Think We're Alone Now". It's an engrossing and fascinating (even slightly touching) look at life just to the left of "sanity". I say bravo! (MVD Visual)

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