Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hunter S. Thompson - "Final 24 - His Final Hours" DVD

Hunter Thompson lived the life that many of us envy. His steadfast idealism took him on a journey that certainly wasn't easy, but in the end, he did what, and when, he wanted. The fact that he's an icon of independent thinking and considered among America's most inspirational and gifted writers places him alongside names like Burroughs or Kerouac.

But you can read numerous bios and watch documentaries to get his detailed background, and this is not the place for all that. Suffice to say, this 60-minute TV program chiefly examines, in detail, the last hours of a man ravaged by years of drugs and drinks who felt he was losing the freedoms he'd so gallantly fought for over the course of his storied life. Thompson took his own life in 2005 at the age of 67. His passing caused no speculation nor controversy. He had warned of it years before, and his failing health (coupled with painkillers and bourbon) only served to stoke the internal fires within the troubled man's mind. "Final 24" recreates scenes from Thompson's final hours, and does an admirable job illustrating the scenes leading up to his demise. As well, friends and family are interviewed, so there are valid insights here. As a bio, though, "Final 24" only scratches the surface. That it's merely focused on the morbid aspects of the author's final moments is evidence that there are better and more comprehensive docs out there, and this one's really only for the serious fans and students of Dr. Thompson's life and times. R.I.P. Doc. (MVD Visual)

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