Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beer From The Heart of Summer

Making up for lost time in Goatsden World Headquarters? Indeed we are. Here are my periodical beer-tasting results, all rated according to my own personal judgments and (maybe) knowledge. I give the brews scores from 1 to 5, with 1 being piss water and 5 being ambrosia. As per my usual cheerleading, please support your local breweries...where the beer is freshest and created by artisans who love what they do, not by robotic marketing teams who are out to take your valuable cash money! Long live indie brewers and craft beer supporters!

Goose Island has always been hit and miss with me, but this clear golden kolsch is really enjoyable. It's not as light as appearances would normally dictate (this one's clear and pale golden), as there's a crisp maltiness, followed by a light mix of hops and citrus. A delicious and sturdy (but not imposing) brew that's worthy of praise.

MAGIC HAT #9 NOT QUITE PALE ALE (S. Burlington, VT) - 2.5
Clear and golden with a sweet and fruity scent, this one begins innocently, but upon first tasting, a weird fruit-infusion comes through. It's overly malty and not appealing to my nose or taste buds. A hint of hoppiness peeks out a little, but the overwhelming taste I get is that of artificiality. The beer taste seems far too obscured by a strange, unnatural flavor. Nay.

It's been a lot of years since my last taste of Boddingtons, and the novel "draughtflow" system (in an aluminum pint can, no less) does manage to create a strong and foamy head , but this dissipates quickly and what's left is a pale imitation of a beer. It's an amber ale with a bland taste - malty and watery without any real personality. Far too plain and uneventful for me, sorry.

Now this is more like it! A pale, golden appearance with strong lacing and a very fresh, almost grassy scent opens the proceedings. The taste is strong, zesty, malty, and with a brisk and sharp flavor profile. This is a tasty treat, light but brimming with flavor. Quite enjoyable, Schlafly can be relied on for some quality beers, no question!

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