Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freebass - "Two Worlds Collide" CDEP

Peter Hook, former bassist for legendary Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order, has rejuvenated himself after the dissolution of New Order a few years ago. His new projects show a healthy reflection and reverence for his classic work. All but gone (thankfully) are the club dance tracks that New Order became known for in their twilight years. "You Don't Know This About Me" is a highlight, and features former Charlatans UK vocalist Tim Burgess, and is a welcome return to the stylish indie-rock roots of Hook and his Manchester mates. It's really a lovely song and compares favorably with the best of Hook's past works. Pete Wylie fronts "The Milky Way Is Our Playground", which isn't quite as effective, with some cringeworthy lyrics. "Dark Starr" is a lengthy piece of wacked sound-poetry with Howard Marks, and Hook himself fronts the dancy and New Order-like "Live Tomorrow You Go Down". Certainly a tentative EP, but a fine start for Hook's next phase, whatever it may be. (Hacienda Records/24 Hour Service Station)

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