Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roswell Six - "Terra Incognita - A Line In The Sand" CD

A curious project spearheaded by author Kevin J. Anderson, who has chosen to accompany & illustrate his series of novels with heavy progressive-rock soundtracks. This installment features all music by multi-instrumentalist Henning Pauly, and a variety of guest vocalists from bands like Kansas, Saga, Dream Theater, Shadow's Mignon, and plenty more I'm altogether unfamiliar with. The music is a bluesy (witness "The Crown", with spectacular vocals by the dynamic Sass Jordan), metallic in spots ("My Father's Son"), and alternately symphonic in places. This is large-scale prog-rock that works more as a theatrical experience. It's large, bombastic ("Loyalty" is as sappy as Styx), and truly an epic rock experience, though the slickness and overproduction lean more to the commercial side of the fence. (Progrock Records)


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