Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cyco Miko & Infectious Grooves - "Funk it Up & Punk It Up: Live In France '95" 2xCD

Mike Muir, legendary frontman from skate-punk-metal band Suicidal Tendencies here presents some of his lesser-known work, in a live setting, and on his freshly-minted Suicidal Records, no less. Cyco Miko, which comprises disc A, is a return to his punk-rock roots. With fast hardcore songs full of energy, bouncing rhythms and singalong choruses, Cyco Miko is/was a fun and energetic diversion from his main band. "I Love Destruction" closes out the 9-song, 32-minute set with a classic punk vibe. Infectious Grooves, aka Mike and company's funk-oriented alter egos, bring a longer 16-track, 71-minute set full of funk rock that remains heavy, but swings in a whole different fashion. It's as if George Clinton joined Bad Brains, maybe. Both sets are recorded and mixed quite well, with thunderous drums, cohesive vocals, and wicked bass from now-Metallica member Robert Trujillo. It's a solid set from a couple of little-known, unjustly forgotten crossover acts. (Suicidal Records)

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