Saturday, April 24, 2010

Overmaster - "Madness Of War" CD

The debut album of Italy's Overmaster examines the absurdity and ramifications of armed conflicts across the world, using a musical template rivaling the classic German metal outfits of the 80's. Most striking are Gus Gabarro's power metal vocals, which remind me slightly of a heavier (but less operatic) Bruce Dickinson (not a bad thing). Precision riffage, a tight rhythm section, and perfect production make the stunning "Marble King" an early highlight. "Spartan Warriors" is even more intense, showing elements of thrash alongside the band's ultimately melodic metal attack. As veterans of power metal bands like White Skull, these guys aren't new to the scene, and that professionalism shows brightly here. With few concessions to modern metal trends, Overmaster's powerful and dramatic sound harkens back to the days of yore, where leather-clad warriors ruled (but forgive the guys' cheesy promo pix). Superb old-school metal to pump fists and nod heads to. (Cruz Del Sur Music)

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