Monday, December 28, 2009

Walken - "Walken" CD

Yes, as in Christopher Walken, these not-necessarily-serious Bay Area madmen readily admit. But that doesn't mean they aren't serious about making a supremely heavy and sometimes schizophrenic metal racket on this, their self-released debut album. This monster comes out of the box screaming and punching, with a hybrid metal/thrash/hardcore attack that, by the third track ("Running Out Of Time") manages to rattles the house's foundation nicely. The bass is immensely thick, metallic, and grinding, while the drums are all over the place, pummeling at every chance. The dual guitarists exhibit elements of classic metal as well as other metallic subgenres that often differ from track to track. They clearly know their stuff, and it shows. "Thunder Paws" is earth-plowing Sabbath-meets-thrash with a little bit of bluesy vibe seeping in. Effective and monolithic. "Bitter Red" is a weird amalgamation of punk with weird almost jazz affectations. "The Bridge" approaches a solemn doom metal motif, and does so most convincingly. Pretty rad stuff, with a nicely odd and schizophrenic genre-mashing that's refreshing and always surprising. These guys kick massively, and have something to offer for fans of any heavy and metallic style. (Walken)

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