Friday, December 18, 2009

Temple Of Baal - "Lightslaying Rituals" CD

This French act considers themselves "black metal", but their third album shows echoes of speed, death, and thrash metal (and some other fringe elements) in their considerable arsenal. Indeed, "Triumph Of Heretic Fire" is a solid collision of these sounds, and, for once, the vocals are (sometimes) intelligible! It's lightning-fast, with superior drumming, crisp dual guitars with both high and low end, and a deep production by Andrew Guillotin. I like the band's diversity and adeptness at different tempos and styles. "Black Sun Of The Damned" slows things down to a crunchy classic grind sound in spots, while "Angstgeist" is a cruise missile of death metal. And this is just the first 4 tracks! Further on, the disc kicks out all kinds of blasting metal bruisers, culminating in the progressive "Blessings Of Blackfire", that brings a classic and doomy melodic angle to nuzzle itself near the blastbeats. A fine release, with something to please nearly any metal-oriented listener. (Agonia Records)

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