Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ichabod - "2012" CD

The 4th release from these Boston stoner/metal-heads is a solid, sludgy, and fairly melodic concept album heralding the impending Mayan prophesy. "2012" (the album) is a dense, aggressive, and groovy set of out-there space metal gems/jams that manage to maintain their aggression while leaving their improvisational spirit intact. "Giving Up The Ghost" is thick and psychedelic, layering a mountain of guitar effects on top of the heavy mix. "Gentlemen Of The Choir" begins as a languid, Hawkwind-inspired space trip, before erupting into a post-Sabbath slo-mo thud and riff extravaganza. The 10-minute epic "Nile Song" is a Pink Floyd cover, but it's rendered almost unrecognizable, with vocalist Ken McKay's seething vox giving way to an amazing extended space-metal/drone freakout that could be considered the album's high point (pun intended, hah). "2012 Outro" is a collection of samples and spoken bits, illustrating the schizophrenic nature of our world at large, apocalyptic visions, madness, and paranoia taking over. A superb album, perhaps a bit disjointed, but with some really potent and heavy rock that deserves your attention. (Rootsucker Records)


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