Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malfeitor - "Incubus" CD

"Down With Me" explodes from the gates with a bang, or is it with a blast (beat)? Regardless, this project of Aborym's M. Fabban is a mighty surge of black metal unholiness. Production is crisp and allows the space (ha) for all the instruments to have their say, even if it is all fast, frenzied, troll-under-the-bridge aggression. I hear some echoes of classic metal in "Mysterious Mystical Majesty", and the bold, galloping rhythms remind me of a "Lord Of The Rings" scenario. Which is appropriate, given the mindset of this scene as a whole. "Void Of Voids" slows things down a tad, but the respite is brief and fleeting, as the title track is a spastic blur of malevolence. The closer, "Antisaturno (Thunapsu)" is a dark ambient proto-industrial sound collage -- a nice touch to seal things up. Malfeitor brings everything you could ask for in modern black metal, and although they aren't bringing much new to the table, it DOES sound a great deal better than their forefathers did, and who's to say they don't mean it just as much? (Agonia Records)

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