Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Accused - "The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead" CD

Ah, the return of an old friend! It's been years (6 or so) since these influential Seattle-area crossover thrash/punk/metallers have shown their faces, and this is a welcome return. Boasting of 14 songs in a mere 29 minutes, guitarist Tommy Neimeyer (who gained some fame in the 90's with grunge band Gruntruck) and company (it seems he has drafted a whole new band) bring a fearsome and timeless attack on "Stomped To Death", which blasts it's way by without mercy, and puts many grind/death metal acts the shame. I'm sure the production (by Billy Anderson) helps, too, as he gives the band a raw and appropriately out-of-control sound, rather than an overly clean sheen. "Martha's Disciples" is a roaring beast of riff, every bit as heavy as Slayer and just as ferocious. "Avenue Of The Dead" is so spastic, it's almost like abstract metal. New vocalist Brad Mowen (also of Burning Witch & Master Musicians Of Bukkake) fits the bill perfectly, basically splashing/expelling his demonic vocals with reckless abandon. This is a hell of an album, and anyone who writes these guys off as irrelevant these days evidently hasn't heard much recent metal. I say, welcome back. (Southern Lord)

free mp3 of "Splatterbeast", courtesy of Southern Lord

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