Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PBK works for FREE download

PBK is an acronym for Philip B. Klinger, and this sound artist from Michigan has been producing some amazing, transcendent music/sound for a long time, from his early cassette days to a variety of CD releases in recent years. PBK is a delightfully nice guy, as we struck up a correspondence years ago (in the dark ages pre-internet, where actual letters and tapes were exchanged). I've written plenty about his releases before, as can be read on my Godsend site here, and in this interview:

PBK interview for Godsend, 1996

Suffice to say, if you enjoy the occasional journey into highly visual experimental sound, with stops alongside noise and ambient, you will find some of PBK's abstracted soundtracks to your liking. This radio show, as broadcast in Belgium in 1994, covers a broad cross-section of PBK's sounds up to that point, and functions well as a 'best of', of sorts. Give it a listen here:

PBK Zenith Radio show

Additionally, his blog site offers a plentiful selection of his works for absolutely free, and I easily recommend just about anything here.

PBK's Sound Genetic site

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