Saturday, June 20, 2009

Khanate - "Clean Hands Go Foul" CD

This powerhouse project includes the participation of several out-there music veterans, and the resultant sounds are at once oppressive, visceral, and excruciatingly (and deliberately) slow. Formed by avante guitarist James Plotkin, demonic-voiced madman Alan Dubin (OLD), Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Burning Witch), and drummer Tim Wyskida, Khanate is an experiment in extremes. It's the sound of the charnels -- bleak, churning noise and agonized wailings, all set to a bowel-emptying slow-burn tempo. This is not rock, nor is it truly noise, but something more insidious, more dangerous, and, dare I say, more invigorating. This could be a more proper soundtrack to all those 'Saw' movies, if the film producers would dispense with the crappy industrial rock/nu-metal for a moment. "Clean My Heart" is the Melvins if they were being fried on a giant skillet, and the 33-minute closer, "Every God Damn Thing" is oddly minimalist, almost like a sparse ambient free jazz, if not for Dubin's hairsplitting shouts and Cookie-Monster bleats. Maximum discomfort, and some rather alarming music. This one's tailor-made for those of you who don't like, umm, traditionalism in your music! Hah! (Hydra Head)

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