Saturday, June 27, 2009

The beer is back in town.

Well, if it isn't the start of the month, and that could only mean...the calendar picture changes! And there's new beer to report on! These are rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being toilet water, and 5 being nectar of the gods. Take a look, and heed the call of artisan brewmasters by supporting independent and local beer.

MARGARITAVILLE BREWING CO. - Landshark Lager (Jacksonville, FL) - 3.0

This new favorite among Summer lager fans pours a frothy pale gold,
and tastes smooth, malty, and light on the (beer) gut, with a faintly
citrus hint. At the same time, it's crisp and thirst-quenching. I'd
hate to say it's better than a Corona, but it may be better than a

KOSTRITZER - Schwarzbier (Thuringia, Germany) - 3.5

Black (schwarz) beer is right. Huge head here, and looks like a stout
though it pours like a lager. Hmm. Sweet taste, hint of maybe some
maple syrup overtones. Not an overly challenging beer, but wholly
satisfying, and a terrific jumping-off point to the world of darker
beers. No problem here.

MENDOCINO BREWING - White Ale (Saratoga Springs, NY) - 3.0

Mmm. This cloudy, unfiltered Belgian-style spiced ale is
characteristically bold, rich, and complex. Hints of citrus,
coriander, and clove, and nicely zesty and strong, yet still
well-balanced. Mendocino's White Ale is not one to chug, but for a
sipper, this one's a treat. Forget the diets and try one of these.

ANHEUSER-BUSCH - Beach Bum Blonde Ale (St. Louis, MO) - 2.5

Another blonde this month, pouring a foamy gold with a decent flavor
balance, and a suggestion of maybe some sweet orange spice. Subsequent
sips brought out a more frou-frou kinda taste, which is not good. I'm
indifferent on this one, and I definitely wouldn't buy any more!

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