Thursday, May 28, 2009

Akron / Family - "Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free" CD

Initially seen as a psychedelic 'freak folk' kinda act, and gaining numerous accolades through their previous alliance with M. Gira's esteemed Young God Records, Akron/Family return with a deep, warm, and altogether joyous celebration of sound, vision, and worldliness on the multi-leveled, diverse, and truly wonderful 'Set 'Em Wild'. The guys of AF are, without a doubt, immense fans and consumers of music in all of it's shapes and permutations. Just give a listen to the funky 'Everyone Is Guilty', which goes from James Brown to Hendrix and back, while adding a laid-back summery vibe near the end. It may sound schizophrenic, but somehow it works. Witness the island charms of the accessible 'River', which recalls a lazy, sunny porch scene down South, by way of Jamaica. 'Creatures' brings a dub rhythm to the table, though it's still in essence a classic rock track that screams of long hair and sandals. 'Gravelly Mountains Of The Moon' embraces both gospel and free jazz, while 'MBF' shows their affinity for screeching noise. 'Sun Will Shine (Warmth Of The Sun)' is a throwback to their earlier rural folk, while 'Last Year', which closes the album, is a simple, but effective sing-along for the working class. Basically, the band's 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' approach is their greatest trait, and there are enough catchy, lovely pop-songs submerged here that it's almost ridiculous. Sure to be a classic one day, Akron/Family flashes a multi-faceted brilliance consistently. A must-hear. (Dead Oceans)

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