Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "It's Blitz!" CD

Never having been converted to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 80's pop-meets-NYC garage punk aesthetic, I approached this one with trepidation. But alas, this album shows a fresh new sound for the band, while not neglecting their roots too far. Embracing an 80's dance-punk hybrid, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have created a superb pop album that could easily be their finest work to date. Leading off the album is the single, 'Zero', which pulses like Blondie or Missing Persons in their prime disco phase, with a mildly psychedelic tinge. Nice song, instantly catchy and a little bit dangerous, as Karen O's sensual, swaggering vocals carry the song's hypnotic drive. She's not the best vocalist around, but on this album she manages to convey innocence and danger just enough to convince. 'Skeletons' is another gem, with a majestic build that makes for an almost epic feel and a flighty minor-key melody. 'Dragon Queen' steps way back to the 80's, with a plastic dance vibe (old drum machines, elementary electronic programming). It's carried by O's streetwise little girl vocals, but otherwise remains quite forgettable. 'Hysteric' is a moodier, floaty number that works far better, and along with the stripped-down closer, 'Little Shadow', proves the YYYs to be a multi-faceted band that can have fun with their music, yet create some outstandingly catchy pop tunes with substance. Enjoyable. (Interscope/DGC)

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