Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kate Mann - "Things Look Different When The Sun Goes Down" CD

Hailing from the faraway Southwest (New Mexico, specifically), folksy singer/songwriter Mann has a profound connection to Native American culture and the dusty American landscapes of her upbringing. Her songs are often lonely, introspective and personal looks at life, relationships, and spirituality, as seen through the eyes of an old soul who's experienced both highs and lows (or so it seems). 'Things Look Different' is a lovely set of brisk Americana sounds that range from flamenco ('La Llorona') to plaintive ballads ('Here Again'); from shuffles ('Funny Thing') to songs for her beloved dog (the sweet 'Loki's Lullaby'). Her voice is as gentle or commanding as it needs to be, and her band's instrumentation (with cello, fiddle, and saw, as well as piano, accordion, and more) are like swathes of color amidst Kate's acoustic guitar and charmingly warm vocals. Kate Mann is the real thing, and here's to hoping she gets some notice with this fine CD of earthy, free-thinking independent music. (Orange Dress Records)

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