Monday, February 9, 2009

Wire - "Object 47" CD

Being their 47th release over the past 30+ years, British punk/avante rock act Wire haven't lost sight of the fire, brevity, integrity, and sense of experimentation that made their early works like 'Pink Flag' or 'Chairs Missing' so essential (and influential). On 'Object 47', original members Colin Newman and Graham Lewis (joined by drummer Robert Grey) reconvene to produce a short (9 songs in 35 minutes) sharp shot of punchy songs that are both melodic and intelligent. The opener, 'One Of Us' is instantly likeable and catchy, and easily the most accessible cut here. 'Circumspect' is a bass-heavy mid-tempo slice of taut and angular post-punk, and 'Mekon Headman' is droney and heavy without fitting into any particular genre. 'Patient Flees' (great title) is woozy and almost lulling. Strong songwriting, clear (but not sterile) production, and impeccable presentation - absolutely top-notch in every way. Fans of the band's earlier proto-punk, proto-industrial works will no doubt find this one more than agreeable. The final track, 'All Fours', even enlists the considerable talents of Page Hamilton (Band Of Susans, Helmet) for 'feedback storm'. It's a powerful, driving, and fitting conclusion to the album. I look forward to more work from this venerable band and their myriad side projects. (Pink Flag)

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