Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Wicked Lake" (director: Zach Passero)

Hmm. So I keep trying to think of something good to say about this no-budget sleaze/horror flick by Texan director Passero. It's made notable due to the inclusion of a 'score' arranged by Alien Jourgensen. And the man hisself appears in it, albeit briefly. But even THAT I can complain about. It's not so much a soundtrack as a sampler of Jourgensen's 13th Planet songs - album cuts from Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Prong, Ascension Of The Watchers, etc. Ah well. The film? Well, it's a tale centered around a quartet of lovely (and often naked) college girls who give a backward hick-town (and it's nasty, predatory men) more than they bargained for. It's bloody, mean, crude, and really pretty poorly scripted. The titillation is mild and pedestrian, even cold. The characters are unlikeable and undeveloped. The acting is often choppy and over the top, and the blood is, well, the strong point of 'Wicked Lake'. Not a film for discriminating horror fans, and probably only of interest due to the Ministry/Revco connection. Nah.

Wicked Lake flash site

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