Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Antony & The Johnsons - "The Crying Light" CD

Antony Hegarty's rise to fame has come sharply, as influential folks like David Tibet (of Current 93), Lou Reed, and Bjork have recognized his genius and talent, either by touring or recording with him. 'The Crying Light' is the third full-length release by Antony and the Johnsons, and it's once again a rich and inspiring collection of gorgeous torch songs with piano, strings, and light instrumentation - all centered around Antony's unique and distinctive falsetto. 'The Crying Light' isn't a light listen, though. The album seems to be a sorrowful lament, with an eye on a more beautiful future -- or, to put it another way, loneliness finding solace in mother nature, or maybe reflections on death, even. In any case, 'One Dove' is particularly effective, with Antony's almost-blues vocals reflecting introspectively into the abyss. 'Kiss My Name' is more rapturous, evoking a (perhaps posthumous) celebration of a life filled with love. 'The Crying Light' as a whole is a passionate depiction of an individual filled with demons and regret, all the while making peace with everything and everyone. An amazing and subtle yet dramatic recording with heart, and that's as much of a recommendation as you should need. (Secretly Canadian)

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