Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ginger Leigh - "Merchant Of Death" CD

Seemingly a 'best of' selection, this 71-minute set from the prolific composer once again infuses some offbeat sounds into a generally harsh and unforgiving musical climate. Beginning with the dour industrialisms and martial drums of the title track (fans of In Slaughter Natives or Cold Meat Industry take note), the set heads into the wild, feral screams and even elegant classical/Middle Eastern vibes of 'The Charcoal Man'. Confused yet? Good. Predictability is overrated! Ginger Leigh has been producing his own off-kilter melding of disparate elements for some years, and his unusual pairings of frivolous surf/go-go music ('This is Ginger Leigh', 'Get It Right!'), harsh, noise-laced industrial, and exotic ethnic theatricalities ('Love Letters', the Joujouka-ish 'Black Rainbow') - and often in the same song - is uniquely his own. And check out the virulent Sabbath-trib, 'al-Ironman', that closes this disc out. It's huge and mean and threatening in such a marvelous way. 'Merchant Of Death' is a compelling selection of avante-experimental-electronic-noise-pop that deserves far more attention. Get this weird and eccentric mix for only 6 bux through his website...and pick up some free mp3s while you're there. (Ginger Leigh)

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