Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy beer-giving!

Here they are, some more beer reviews...this month, they are rated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being 'Shite, this is top!' and 1 being 'Just shite, period'.

MICHELOB - Porter (St. Louis, USA) - 2

Anheuser-Busch's Michelob imprint offers this 'craft' brew, and their opaque 'all malt' porter comes with strong burnt choco/coffee notes, but ultimately fails to deliver a character that differentiates it from other porters. Nah, there are better.

SAMUEL ADAMS - Hallertau Imperial Pilsner (Boston, USA) - 5

This tasty treat uses an abundance of premium Bavarian hops to create a rich and masterfully complex flavor explosion. Hopheads will rejoice, while those who don't appreciate more bitter brews will likely avoid this. Me? I think this one's a sure winner, so drink up (especially as this may be a limited seasonal beer).

GOOSE ISLAND - Nut Brown Ale (Chicago, USA) - 3

I'll admit to being a fan of brown ales, from the most common (Newcastle) to the most obscure (gimme some Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale anytime, if you can find it!). Goose Island's version is hearty and rich, as a good brown ale should be. It's got a semi-chocolatey/honey palate, and comes across as solid, if not unique or memorable. Decent enough, to be sure.

AVENTINUS - Wheat Doppelbock (Munchen, Germany) - 4

Pours a rich, fruity spiciness, with a large head. Tastes spicy, malty, and robust, almost smoky and ideal for a chilly winter's night. Has a distinctive alcoholic spike, as well (8.2% ABV). A very tasty and nuanced beer, and one to be enjoyed patiently.

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