Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chesterfield - "Death Grip" CD

This Wyoming/Oregon trio's been around for years, but release-wise, this appears to be their full-length debut. Corralling the energy and snarl of classic punk, and fusing it with a pop sensibility isn't a new idea, but Chesterfield do it with fervor and more aggression than most. It's as if their brand of pop-punk was performed by mean hardcore dudes who've spent a lot of time playing in some pretty rough places. Forget the wussy pop-punk on the radio - Chesterfield bring it loud and punchy, and it's about time. 'Fireflies' is almost proto-metal in execution, but keeps itself free of such excesses. In fact, these guys have a rare gift of melody, while remaining powerful. The raw, un-glossified production (by the band and Doug Hill) works well, and is likely a faithful reproduction of the group's live show. If you like your punk-edged tunes hard and heavy, yet tuneful, Chesterfield have produced a fine record that's right up your alley. (Mental Records)

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