Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Buckethead - "From The Coop" CD

Long before his wicked guitar-maniac solo releases and his work in groups like Praxis and Cobra Strike, and before his publicized alliance (and exodus) from Guns 'N Roses, Brian Carroll (aka Buck) produced this demotape way back in 1988. It's admittedly pretty rough stuff - mastered from a lo-fi cassette, and with musical backing from only a primitive drum machine. But even from this old demo, the warped mind (and persona) of Buckethead was already well-developed, and these songs range from bluesy ('Hog Bitch Stomp') to wild stadium-style solos and wicked sci-fi interludes. Buckethead is perhaps the foremost guitar-shredder of his time, and though this lo-fi collection is probably best kept to the hardcore fans, it's certainly nothing to sneeze at, either. Pretty impressive stuff, but if you're unfamiliar with the man(?) they call Buckethead, investigate his recent work before diving into this one. (Avabella Productions)

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