Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Earache My Eye" compilation DVD

This reissue of an old VHS tape from venerable UK metal label Earache Records includes some righteously heavy stuff, and plenty of forgettable late-80's/early 90's bits as well. Opening with the best is always a wise choice, and Godflesh's 'Crush My Soul' clip (which I'd somehow never seen before) is nicely disturbing, and includes a cameo from none other than Bob Flanagan (best known for his meat-grinding appearance in Nine Inch Nails 'Happiness In Slavery' video, and for the Re/Search book about his masochistic ways). Dub War (who always bored me) turn in a bleah Bad Brains-meets-nu-metal 'Strike It', and Entombed (who used to be good) present their sell-out clip for the tragically sucky 'Wolverine Blues'. Pretty stupid then, and embarrassing now. Cathedral's early doom metal ages reasonably well, and their 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)' references the mighty Vincent Price film, and includes (likely unlicensed) an 'appearance' by Price himself. Vincent Price is a god, and thus this clip is quite cool (even if the dancing metal babe cheeses me out). The unjustly-ignored Misery Loves Co. are represented by 'My Mind Still Speaks', an industrial metal pounder that outdid a lot of similar stuff of the era. At The Gates (who I have never heard much of) are memorable, with their Carcass-like grinder 'Blinded By Fear', and Carcass themselves bring the catchy 'No Love Lost', which is still pretty ace, if you ask me. Pitchshifter's 'Underachiever' is a nice bit of cyber-industrial metal as they did best, Sleep's 'Dragonaut' is a Sabbath-a-rama, and Brutal Truth are fearsome with 'Godplayer'. Other clips by Fudge Tunnel (awesome band, lame clip) and Napalm Death side-project Meathook Seed are forgettable. A nice collection of heavy sounds, dated perhaps in spots, but solid nonetheless. (Earache/MVD Visual)

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