Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sidney Lumet - "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"

First, Philip Seymour Hoffman is apparently king of all Hollywood. He's seemingly everywhere, and that ain't a bad thing, necessarily, as his chops in his biz is considerable, yo. Well, this murder-crime caper film, directed by the geriatric Lumet, is solid, to be sure. Ethan Hawke plays Hoffman's bro, and together, this pair struggles with life itself, culminating in a robbery that they scheme up to offset some 'expenses'. Trouble is, the robbery they concoct is of their own family's jewelry shop. Needless to say, things go horribly awry. It's well-done, though the film's a bit jumpy, timewise, adding to the confusion. Factor in that I was exhausted while watching this, fending off sleep, and I'm perhaps not the best source of a review. Nonetheless, this film was certainly likeable, but I'm somehow just not convinced all the way.

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