Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toru Kamei - "Paradise" DVD

Coming across like an adult version of 'Lost' meets 'The Blue Lagoon', this Japanese 'pink' movie seems all wooden and cold, as none of the protagonists are cast in a positive light whatsoever. The main star, a simple fisherman played by Hideo Sakaki , is a wife-killing rapist, while his foil, the stunningly evil newswoman/political candidate Shion Machida, is a mean-spirited bitch. Together, this motley pair struggle to survive after washing up on a deserted island. The trouble is, neither of these people ever change in this new environment. Both end up as pathetic and despicable as before. A journey of this nature deserves some kind of payoff or transformation. But you won't have that here. A sad and miserable tale, with little substance. (MVD Visual)

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