Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cloudland Canyon - "Lie In Light" CD

Cloudland Canyon - "Lie In Light" CD - The second long-player from this intercontinental (Brooklyn/Hamburg) collab continues in their tradition of way-out kosmische-kraut grooves and trance-drones. It's a handily modern mix, densely-packed with stoned-out rhythms and trippy effects. 'You & I' is a cool Suicide / Neu! homage of sorts, overlaid with humming, buzzing drones and a robotik, motorik pulse. 'Scheisse Schatzi, Auf Widersehen!' is a glowing firefly engulfing the skyline with energy synthesized from deepest inner space, while 'Heme' is a light and airy flight over the trees at sunset after a satisfying day of imbibery. Come to think of it, 'Lie In Light' echoes this narcotic, drifty vibe, in an almost Spiritualized sort of way, and 'Mothlight, Part 1' continues in this melodic, rock-oriented fashion. Really astoundingly resonant and brilliant work, tailormade for those who wish to 'travel' a bit with their music. (Kranky)

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