Sunday, November 30, 2014

“A Free Bird” DVD (director Gregg Russell)

Charming indie redneck comedy

Endorsed by Headline News vixen (and amateur country pop singer) Robin Meade, this indie comedy certainly has its perks. Down-and-out slackerly country boy J.T. gets fired from his steakhouse job, sees his car break down, and has a jealous common-law wife on his ass about, well, everything (his slutty side girlfriend notwithstanding). 

Anyway, J.T. meets up with his not-so-upstanding friends to plot a robbery of the same steak house he was once employed by. So after hundreds of steaks end up stolen, and the boys can't find a buyer for the stolen meat, things just go further South. Equal parts comedy and silly drama, “A Free Bird” is a charmingly well scripted and acted film, albeit not as “hilarious” as the packaging proclaims. Still, this was an enjoyable little film that won’t get much notice, but could end up a sort of cult indie hit, given the right exposure. Well-done

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