Monday, April 27, 2009

Between Interval - "The Edge Of A Fairytale" CD

Swedish composer Stefan Strand is a master of deep and sometimes dark electronic ambience. 'The Edge Of A Fairytale' is his 4th album, and it mines a territory that is part cosmic space music, and another part intense cinematic experience. It's an impressive work, from the mystery of 'The Great Void' to the majesty of 'Portals In Time', with it's strings and cavernous electronic swells.
Strand's fusions of light and dark; of gentle, natural landscapes and huge spacescapes, are seamless and mesmerizing. Even his track titles are wonderfully apt, like the drifty 'Atlantis Lost', which echoes a mysterious oceanic atmosphere that may be hiding something down below. 'Leviathan' is another subtle and evocative work, simultaneously expansive and daunting, yet hinting at something else entirely. Beautiful work. Between Interval may not be a major name in ambient circles, but fans of Robert Rich and Lustmord will find sustenance here. Recommended. (Spotted Peccary/Wanderings)

Between Interval website

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