Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rudy Adrian - "Desert Realms" CD

Inspired by the vast, expansive landscapes of the American Southwest (specifically Arches And Canyons National Parks in Utah), New Zealand-based ambient/electronic composer Adrian has crafted a serene and stately set of audio soundtracks. The opening tracks depict exactly as they imply - 'Saguaro Silhouette', 'Pathway', or 'Circling Hawk' are all richly evocative travelogues of a natural eden. 'Subterranean River' echoes the ebb and flow (and stillness) of the submerged world, whereas 'Cloudburst' brings the life-affirming rains. Adrian's sonorous strings and reverberations are accented in spots by Nick Prosser's Baroque flute, which brings a primitive sense of humanity to the pristine environments. 'Desert Realms' is exactly what the title implies - a set of beautiful, magnificent, and primal soundscapes with a hint of mystery and shadow - ideal for unwinding with or for creating a unique mood to your surroundings. Wonderful work and worth multiple listens. (Lotuspike)

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bloodshot23 said...

Sounds like an interesting release - just might have to check it out!